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MiraCell Soothed and Nurtured My Skin!

"I've never given testimonials before because of my licenses and advanced degrees in nursing. I was required to go through radiation therapy for breast cancer and as a result received a severe radiation burn to my right breast. The pain was excruciating. I tried prescription radiation lotion, Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel. Everything I tried hurt when I put it on, especially the radiation lotion, which would really sting. Then I tried MiraCell. It never hurt. Rather, It immediately soothed and nurtured my skin with its natural moisturizers. Within 3-4 days, 75% of the redness was gone. As I continued to apply it, MiraCell improved the suppleness and appearance of my skin. Within 1 1/2 weeks, the outer skin looked clear and normal. [With a Masters of Science in Nursing, Kay's long experience includes 12 years as an emergency room nurse and advanced psychology training for trauma.]"

-Kay Goodson RN, MSN

Burns From a Fire

"When trying to put out a campfire, I ran by a cedar tree which burst into flames, scalding the left side of my face, neck, ear and arm. My mother-in-law brought her MiraCell, which she quickly applied. The pain left quickly. Several times a day, I continued to apply MiraCell on the burned areas. Two weeks later, my skin looked normal with no scarring. We always keep it on hand now."

-Jim Rollins, Pharmacist

Extreme Sunburn

"I played 45 holes of golf with 3 doctor buddies and forgot my sun screen. When I got home, I was horrified at my burned face. For three days, I stayed home and soaked my face with MiraCell. The redness went away. I did not peel, blister or scar. I find that incredible. My skin felt hot, but never painful."

-Randy Davis

Miracell took the pain out of my burn

In a hurry one morning I burned my forehead with the curling iron. I reached for the bottle of Miracelland rubbed the burn. With in a few seconds the pain was gone. That evening I looked in the mirror and you couldnot tell that I had burned my forehead. Miracell is great! I love it!


How to use MiraCell™ for Burns

Can be used on mild to moderate sunburn, windburn, razor burn, radiation treatment burns, hot metal burns such as curling iron, hot exhaust pipes, hot pans and burns from fire and heat. Use as soon as possible after burn and apply liberally and frequently to effected area. Continue to use through the healing process. For severe burns, consult a physician.

People of All Ages are Reporting Relief from Skin Problems Using Miracell.

Intelligent and self-regulating, your skin already knows how to heal itself. given the right materials to work with, it rebuilds, renews and repairs itself. Miracell provides your skin with the materials it needs to do its job. The success of Miracell comes from its ingredients, a full strength blend of herbal vitamins, minerals, and proteins that provide instant relief of pain, redness, discomfort and swelling.