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Miracell for Psoriasis on Knees and Elbows

psoriasis on elbows

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"I've had psoriasis on my knees and elbows for 24 years now. I have tried all sorts of Aloe Vera products, lots of home remedies and dermatologist prescriptions (usually steroids) to help stop the itching, but it never helped heal or reduce the infected areas. Then my chiropractor put some Miracell on one elbow, one week later he put more Miracell on the same area. Even with only two applications--a full week apart--I noticed a difference. Since then I've used miracell once a day for 3 weeks and the psoriasis is subsiding, it is getting much smaller, and the itching and flaking are decreasing as well. I am now the happiest damn plumber in the valley!"
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Thank you Miracell
Hal Sumsion, Owner,
Sumsion Plumbing & Heating

People of All Ages are Reporting Relief from Skin Problems Using Miracell.

Intelligent and self-regulating, your skin already knows how to heal itself. given the right materials to work with, it rebuilds, renews and repairs itself. Miracell provides your skin with the materials it needs to do its job. The success of Miracell comes from its ingredients, a full strength blend of herbal vitamins, minerals, and proteins that provide instant relief of pain, redness, discomfort and swelling.

How to use MiraCell™ for Eczema / Psoriasis

Apply two to three drops to the effected area and gently spread onto skin. Should be used two or three times a day and can be used more often if needed. Use whenever the skin feels irritated. If on an area that is frequently washed apply after each cleansing.

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Miracell is effective for Psoriasis on knees and Psoriasis on elbows.