Thank You

Scars & Cuts

My Miracell Miracle

“On December 29, 2000, I was hit in the face by a 6”x12” support beam that was being unloaded from a truck. My nose was broken, my eye was knocked off orbit and the bone beneath my eye was fractured. I had a long cut that rant from beneath my eye and down my cheek. A second Y-shaped cut ran right through my lower lip leaving it dangling. It took 150 stitches to put my cheek and lip back together. After I return home, I had no feeling or movement on the left side of my face so my husband began constantly coating my face with MiraCell. The feeling and movement have come back into my face. A lifesaver, MiraCell relieved the itching during the healing process. Because of MiraCell, I skipped the black and blue stage of bruising. My scars are barely visible, not red or puffy and there is not hard scar tissue under them. The deep dings on my nose and the deep scratch on my cheek are gone. I’m so thankful to have had MiraCell in our home and already knew how well it worked on skin problems. I would have been 100% more miserable if I had not had MiraCell. I regularly use it for acne, dry skin, sun blisters, burns, cold sores and mosquito bites.”

-Renee Ash

Surgery Scars

"I would like to say a few words about my experience with MiraCell drops. In September of this year I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast. On October 10th I went into the hospital for removal of part of the area. More cancer was found and on October 27th. I was back for a mastectomy. Now I was dealing with a nine-inch incision. A special friend gave me a bottle of MiraCell drops. My sister and I dressed the area everyday. We cleaned it well and rubbed in MiraCell drops over the entire area. When I saw the doctor a week later he was amazed at how clean and how much the area had healed. After two weeks I again saw the doctor who is one of the most respected surgeons in the County. He and his nurse, who had been with him for years, expressed their surprise at how much the area had healed and asked what had aided this to happen. You can be sure I told them about MiraCell.”

-Yvone Christopher

Thank You So Much for the MiraCell!

"I’ve used it everyday, and it has improved my scars noticeably! The doctor who operated on my hand said initially that I may need plastic surgery someday on my scars, but now it appears that I will not need it I will have many surgeries in the future resulting from the accident, so I will definitely get more MiraCell… and recommend it to everyone.” (Wendy, a very accomplished young woman, with a scholarship to Harvard, was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. She suffered 5 breaks in her femur bone, one break in her arm and breaks in her lower torso and legs as well as cuts, abrasions and lacerations. MiraCell is helping in her repair process.)

-Wendy Chao

It Improved the Appearance of My Scar

"I first used MiraCell 10 years ago, on a 7 inch surgery scar from an incision when doctors removed my right ear to reach a lymph node tumor. I applied MiraCell several times a day. It improved the suppleness and appearance of the scar on my neck so today I can wear my hair short."

-Katy Allred

How to use MiraCell™ for Scars & cuts

Apply directly to minor cuts and abrasions. Use often and continue to apply through the healing process. For scars apply one or two drops on and around the scar. Apply in the morning and especially at night. The newer the scar the better the chance for good results. Older scars will achieve maximum improvement after about 30-40 days.

People of All Ages are Reporting Relief from Skin Problems Using Miracell.

Intelligent and self-regulating, your skin already knows how to heal itself. given the right materials to work with, it rebuilds, renews and repairs itself. Miracell provides your skin with the materials it needs to do its job. The success of Miracell comes from its ingredients, a full strength blend of herbal vitamins, minerals, and proteins that provide instant relief of pain, redness, discomfort and swelling.