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Shingles & Rosacea


"I the past several days we have applied MiraCell to Mary’s most sensitive parts several times, and she has had some relief from it each time. The other medicines haven’t really relieved the pain of post-shingles, so it has been a challenge for her. Now, she is eating, sleeping and looking better and slowly coming out of the long ordeal. MiraCell has given some times of comfort and relief that she wasn’t getting otherwise – she is so glad to have it.”

-Joe Salisbury


"I have had Rosacea for over 20 years and have tried the pills and creams without much success. Even putting layers of makeup on didn’t stop people from making constant comments about my need to be careful because I was getting too much sun or else that I must have bad cold because my nose was so red. It just got easier to say yes than to say that my nose always looks like this (and 10 Times worse without makeup on). A store employee recommended MiraCell to me and within two days the redness was significantly reduced. Now there is very little red, cysts are gone except for one and the persistent whiteheads are down to about three. And what I also find so amazing is that my skin feels softer and no longer has that leathery feel to it. Usually my skin would feel scaly and constantly flaking and peeling, that is now almost gone."

-Wendy Chia

How to use MiraCell™ for Shingles / Rosacea

Apply two to three drops to the effected area and gently spread onto skin. Should be used two or three times a day and can be used more often if needed. Use whenever the skin feels irritated. If used on an area that is frequently washed, apply after each cleansing.

People of All Ages are Reporting Relief from Skin Problems Using Miracell.

Intelligent and self-regulating, your skin already knows how to heal itself. given the right materials to work with, it rebuilds, renews and repairs itself. Miracell provides your skin with the materials it needs to do its job. The success of Miracell comes from its ingredients, a full strength blend of herbal vitamins, minerals, and proteins that provide instant relief of pain, redness, discomfort and swelling.

Miracell is great for Shingles & Rosacea.